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The world has seen an increase in business disruption from unforeseen natural events as well as growing threats from increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals. Whether it’s a flood or a ransomware attack, Ergo has the knowledge and expertise to design, deploy and test – a crucial part of the process – a wide range of services.

Ergo covers the entire spectrum of operational resilience, from ensuring continuity of business when systems go down to recovering critical files and data in the event of a cyberattack. In both cases, solutions are aligned to your precise business need.

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) team can tailor solutions from leading vendors to meet the most demanding requirements. If there’s a point of failure, clustering systems can be configured to switch from one node to another; for an outage brought on by a malicious attack, it’s about having a cyber recovery plan in place with a critical incidence response plan with well-thought-out processes and procedures aligned to desired business SLAs.

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operational resilience

A carefully structured process will take you to the best-fit solutions:

Through risk assessment and business impact analysis, we identify the essential operational elements and critical data that will need to be available or recovered in the face of natural disaster or a cyberattack.

We evaluate both cloud and on-premise options as we plan for redundancy and high availability. Clustering, backups, failover mechanisms and RPO/RTO will all be planned for a strategy that delivers on value as well as resilience.

Having arrived at the right combination of onsite and offsite backup solutions, we regularly test the plans to make sure objectives are met and continuity is maintained. Necessary adjustments are made to optimise the strategy from both a value and performance perspective.

Operational changes are inevitable, which is why Ergo offers BCDR as a managed service with regular reviews, updates, and testing. We work closely with vendors to ensue you are using the least iteration of every technology and solution to keep your business at the leading edge.

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