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Give Home Workers Secure Access to Core Business Applications with Azure Virtual Desktop

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Employee productivity in many businesses depends on people having access to their desktops and applications, on giving them a seamless experience and enabling them to get on with their jobs, wherever they are regardless of the device.

With its Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) service, Ergo provides the most comprehensive desktop virtualisation solution yet – enabling fast and easy access to critical applications.

Built on Microsoft Azure, AVD provides a Windows 10 experience that’s secure, cost-effective and easy to manage. We use Microsoft architecture to enable role-based access to applications and services, managing identities and optimising profiles, ensuring people can securely use the tools they need with no degradation in performance.

Core Benefits

A workshop is set to be arranged for the assessment of your organisation’s requirements. This will encompass the examination of benefits and value, scrutiny of Microsoft licensing, evaluation of interconnectivity and access, establishment of robust security and governance measures, optimisation of desktops and applications, efficient capacity management, and alignment with the specific service needs of your organisation.

An Ergo Azure startup service will be available, encompassing the creation of AVD host pools, application installations, provisioning of profile storage, profile management, security configuration, as well as providing training sessions for your IT team and preparing training collateral for end users.

Tailored to your organisation’s requirements, we will refine the AVD configuration in Azure to enhance cost management effectiveness. This will involve a detailed examination of the efficient utilisation of the multi-session capability, as well as a thorough assessment of compute and storage consumption.

Case Study

Uniphar Group is a trusted global partner to pharma and medtech manufacturers. From its Irish headquarters in Dublin, the company runs a wholesale and distribution service, operating as the middleman between manufacturers and pharmacies, delivering 12,000 products twice daily to outlets across Ireland.

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