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Maximize security and protect your data while enabling employees to work from anywhere.


Remote and hybrid working has extended the surface attack area of businesses, something that cybercriminals have been quick to exploit. Ergo advises a holistic response that maintains employee productivity without compromising security. 

Microsoft 365 is a great enabler for modern work, and comes with a variety of defences that address the inherent risks in facilitating employees to work from anywhere at any time. We assess your risk profile and devise a unified defence strategy that will integrate security components against a wide range of cyber security threats.

Our holistic approach enables people to communicate and collaborate securely, protecting the way they access systems, while mitigating risks of making mistakes or breaching policies around regulatory compliance. We consider the profiles of different employees, advising on the combination of Microsoft licences to deliver the most value when matching security to business need.

Find Your Level of
Cloud Security

Choose the best fit for your workplace that complements existing security investments:

Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on help make hybrid working secure along with authorisation controls. Set policies and wipe lost or stolen devices with integrated identity and mobility management tools. A firewall helps control incoming and outgoing network traffic, and there’s bundled protection for email-based threats, malware and phishing attacks, along with the option of more sophisticated endpoint detection and response capabilities. 

Layers of more sophisticated threat detection and better reporting will be a better fit for your Microsoft cloud environment if you have to meet regulatory requirements, safeguard sensitive data across its lifecycle, demonstrate adherence to certain security standards, or integrate Microsoft 365 with Azure-related services, databases and unstructured data that extends the surface attack area.

If you have a large Microsoft estate or are combining it with other cloud and on-premise environments, Sentinel is a natural next step. Microsoft’s cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution provides a centralised, cross-platform way to identify and resolve issues more quickly. A unified solution for threat monitoring, it’s an effective way to manage large numbers of users and devices that generate log data, which informs better security.

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Ergo will advise you on how to devise and manage fit-for-purpose security that is multi-layered and agile enough to protect hybrid infrastructure – cloud and on-premise – against an evolving threat landscape.

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