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Enhancing productivity and mitigating the risks of IT project failure by fostering greater user adoption.

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When transforming IT systems within your organisation, user adoption is critical. 70% of digital transformation projects fail due to a lack of user adoption. Digital transitions can be hard on employees, and companies must balance the need for increased efficiency with employee suitability.

At Ergo, we ensure all stakeholders are brought along on the journey and that businesses get the maximum value from it. Programs with change management are more likely to meet objectives, stay on schedule and budget, all while delivering people-dependent ROI. Whether it’s updating to Windows 11, or implementing Office 365, we are making the transition effective and seamless for employees. Our Change Managers are certified in Prosci ™  and AIM & by using a structured approach , we ensure long term adoption of the new ways of working.

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Our Approach

After conducting a detailed Stakeholder Analysis, we work with you to develop a plan to engage and support your stakeholders through the change. This is aimed at ensuring that all key sponsors and leaders are engaged in the project and are advocates for the change. This supports the communications to the business as there is a consistent voice, which reassures employees during the transition.

We capture the impacts on your business with metrics at the heart of our assessments and this informs what actions are taken to deliver a smooth transition to the new ways of working. The output feeds into the overall change plan to enable long term adoption.

Bespoke to your organization. We ensure that everyone has the right information at the right time, using the appropriate channels. We will work with you to develop an approach that creates awareness and engages your people.

We are focused on accelerating the change at all levels, ensuring end users have peers to guide and support them through the change. They promote the training and communication messaging, leading to a desire for the new ways of working.

Our certified Change Managers ensure lasting adoption of modern workplace practices through tailored strategies and impactful change assessments.

Ergo set up an Adoption & Change Management Practice because we recognised that the technology we implement is only effective if it’s used. We have rolled out adoption programmes across different countries simultaneously as well as specific sites, aligned to the technology implementation to enable the introduction of a Modern Workplace and making sure the entire organisation can collaborate and communicate effectively.”


Success for is maximum user adoption, where all employees are empowered to be more productive, enabling the organisation to see a faster return on its investment

Dani Spenceley

Head of Adoption and Change, Ergo

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