Evergreen Services
for Dynamics 365

Keep critical applications optimised & future-ready


Slow user adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems often stems from inadequate change management strategies within businesses. Implementing a CRM system requires a significant shift in how employees approach their tasks, and resistance to change is a common challenge.

By supporting the platform, implementing change, increasing user adoption, and advising on new opportunities to extract value, Ergo’s Evergreen Services ensure a core business solution continues to deliver a return on investment by adapting to changing needs, unlike offerings with traditional break-fix contracts that ramp up additional charges

Ergo’s Evergreen Service resolves the challenge of legacy systems by constantly optimising the Dynamics 365 ecosystem with features and services that deliver tangible business benefits:

Plan a predictable roadmap for solutions that you can align to your business strategy, while leveraging the platform’s agility to react fast, take on new challenges, and drive competitive advantage.

Simplify and automate the enhancement cycle of building, testing and deploying new capabilities with a DevOps delivery model using Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Give your organisation a platform for continuous improvement, delivering ongoing value by managing compulsory updates with each release cycle and facilitating access to new feature and functionality as business demands evolve. 

Facilitate opportunities for innovation with a fast-trek DevOps environment that minimise risk and costs. Apply analytics to parts of the business that have previously been difficult to measure.