A right-fit cloud environment should support strategic
aspirations and never impose limits on the business.

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Ergo have the skills, experience, and breadth to help organisations make the right decision on the appropriate cloud architecture for their business.

Your cloud architecture should be a reflection of the desired business outcomes within your cloud strategy. Whether private, public, hybrid or multicloud, and whether cloud-native, cloud agnostic or cloud hosted.

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Key challenges we address in architecture planning:

Using two or more public cloud services within a single architecture will typically be driven by a need for operational resilience, avoiding vendor lock-in, or choosing to access the most appropriate service for a task.

The decision to run a private cloud or data centre instance concurrently with a public cloud is typically driven by cost, regulatory compliance or the complexity of trying to migrate a critical on-premise application.

A simple ‘lift and shift’ migration may not deliver all of the public cloud benefits available, which is why we assess whether it makes sense to replace with a SaaS service or re-platform and modernise to a cloud-native platform or service.

A landing zone provides a scalable and secure well-architected environment for the hosting of your applicationsThis approach provides the guardrails to determine how your applications and data can be used or accessed, creating a secure and compliant environment for all cloud services. 

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