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By providing bespoke and insights-led advice, expert IT implementation and proactive managed services, we partner with organizations within the Public Sector, Finance Services, and Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals sectors, to help them become more agile, more efficient, more compliant, and better equipped for long-term growth.

We arrive at technology choices by reading signals, a combination of bottom-up insights from our people working on the frontline of project execution and top-down insights from industry partners and analysts focused on emerging technologies. Blending the two, we advise on solutions that are pragmatic and proactive – pragmatic because they are a sensible fit for what the client can do today; proactive because they anticipate the needs of tomorrow.  

Every business leader understands the power of technology to transform, but the risks to reputation, security and competitiveness are high if they get it wrong. We make the right choices for our clients, ensuring they are prepared for today, while planning for tomorrow. 

Our project execution and delivery is unparalleled, which is thanks to our people and the depth of our expertise developed over many years. We have one of the largest and most qualified pools of IT talent in Ireland. The business transformation journey we take clients on starts with a health check of the existing IT estate, a discovery process that exposes silos, and legacy IT systems or applications that act as the barriers to becoming a future-ready business.  

Delivery is about taking incremental steps towards realizing the business outcomes agreed at the project outset. It’s a meticulous process, carefully measured and monitored, always handled with  consideration and care. We have a Change Management practice because we know the importance of bringing everybody inside an organization along on the journey, because buy-in from employees – from the top down – is essential for success.  

Ergo has a future mindset that helps clients stay one step ahead of rapidly evolving trends and technologies.  

We enable organizations to plan for tomorrow and mitigate the risks of a constantly changing world where disruption is constant. With Ergo as a trusted partner, the journey will be mapped to the unique needs of each client, where continual cost optimization and performance improvements are service fundamentals. 

By being people-centric and proactive in our approach, we give business and IT leaders clarity, confidence and peace of mind. Everything is driven by our belief that to excel today and drive growth into the future, businesses need the most forward thinking innovations specifically developed for their needs. Driving true value by embracing innovation is at the heart of the Ergo service.  

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Over three decades, we have established ourselves as leading, trusted advisors, helping each and every customer we engage with rise to the challenges and opportunities they face.

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Business and IT leaders trust Ergo. While we focus on the Public Sector, Financial Services, and Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals sectors, Ergo is perfectly positioned at the intersection of business and technology to help every organization address a wide range of challenges, making them more agile, more efficient , more compatible and better equipped for long-term growth.