Partnering with public services to foster a secure, scalable and sustainable digital government for all.

A trusted indigenous, Irish company, privileged to have a 30-year history of partnering with the public sector, Ergo deeply understands the challenges that state bodies face as they look to redefine governance and efficient delivery of public services with the power of digital. Our core skill is matching technology to the need.

With a cloud-first, secure-by-design and user-centric approach, we partner with the central and local government, education and healthcare to undertake digital transformation at their pace, always on time and in budget.

Ergo can advise on technology roadmaps, solving short-term problems as well as future-proofing for a frictionless experience for citizens and the State, so that the government can focus on what matters most, improving public services while tasking leveraging technology to us, their trusted partner.

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Shelah McMahon, Director of Public Sector, Ergo articulating the vision for our Public Sector Centre of Excellence

Public Sector Centre of Excellence

Ergo provides partnership on digital transformation journeys where incremental steps achieve measurable gains. We have a track-record of successful collaborations with government agencies to solve a number of challenges.

We use cloud platforms to make service delivery scalable, agile and cost-effective. Ergo is uniquely able to offer hybrid services that combine on-premise and multi-cloud, ensuring the infrastructure always matches the need. As well as that, we can enable modernising outdated legacy systems to allow for efficient and seamless delivery of public services to citizens.

A more personalised, accessible and frictionless experience is now essential in the delivery of public services. We enable a human-first experience, empowering the government to engage with people, over their preferred digital channels supported by cloud-based portals and online platforms.

A people-centric approach that extends beyond citizens to government staff, that are focused on critical service delivery of national significance. Enable them to do their best work aided by new ways of working. Fostering a cloud-first approach means your people are no longer tied to location and can reimagine approaches to collaboration for greater efficiency.

Make data your biggest asset in driving public policy and improving public services.
We offer AI-powered analytics to unify diverse data sets for informing greater decision-making and accelerating a journey of continual improvement. Preserve citizen trust by ensuring that data-protection and governance remains at the heart of transformation.

Cyber-resilience and governance are the underlying foundation of our approach to digital transformation. Protecting government data and rigorously adhering to regulatory standards such as NIS2 and NCSC frameworks is of paramount importance to us. Our mission is to help you take advantage of digital technologies while mitigating vulnerabilities.

Overcome resource constraints, with our Managed IT services that can provide access to a team of skilled professionals without the need for hiring and training additional in-house staff. Our approach can often provide cost savings compared to maintaining in-house resources, owing to economies of scale, as well as the ability to choose from a range of service packages tailored to specific needs and budgets.

The best return on investment is people using the technology to its full potential, which is why every Ergo project focuses on bringing your people on the journey. Our Adoption and Change team are available to support your employees to new ways of working, sustain a digital public service culture and drive success.

Digitally transforming Ireland’s largest third-level institutions

With our global award-winning experience in higher education, reinvent the student and campus experience. Seamlessly transforming learning outcomes, student engagement and administrative processes for impactful results, our expertise ensures your institution’s success.

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Optimise the value of your
software investments

At Ergo, we unify licensing, expert implementation, and business value realization of technology investments. Navigate software licensing with Micromail, one of Ireland’s largest licensing solution partners, an Ergo company and long-standing partner to the public sector that support compliant and reliable procurement.

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