Gender Pay Gap

About Gender
Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Gap Information Act was introduced in 2021, an amendment to the 1998 Employment Equality Act requiring companies to publish and explain employee renumeration details and any differences between genders. Ergo welcomes a benchmarking exercise that keeps our company focussed on our journey towards greater gender balance, the elimination of pay gaps, and our mission to have a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Cultivating an Equal and Inclusive Workplace

Among Ergo’s six core values are: inclusion and diversity, a commitment to nurturing a culture where we embrace differences, and helping all of our employees to thrive and feel fulfilled in their roles within the company. We wholeheartedly align with the views of United Nations Global Compact, that advancing gender equality in business is not only the right and proper thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Research shows that productivity, organisational effectiveness and revenue growth are all improved by having a higher proportion of female employees.

At Ergo, we are committed to making every effort to attract and recruit more female talent across all areas of our business, especially female leaders in management roles. We are doing our best to effect change. Promoting and recruiting female talent to leadership positions is a priority for Ergo.

Ergo Gender Pay Gap Reports