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Data analytics and artificial intelligence make it possible to gain real time insights, improve, optimise and gain a competitive advantage.

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Data is the lifeblood of an organisation and your ultimate asset. Ergo can help you create actionable insights with data analytics, visualise these with business intelligence tools, or amplify content creation via generative AI.

The evolution of data analytics continues at pace, where success depends on breaking down data silos, reducing complexity and empowering more users with dashboards that help them to work smarter. Ergo will advise on avoiding common pitfalls – ‘garbage in, garbage out’ – and how to use the latest advances in AI and machine learning. 

Use cases range from adopting AI as a generative tool in marketing to improving production line uptime with predictive maintenance. We advise on the right data architecture for your business and what projects to prioritise. It all starts with the integrity of the data, making sure it’s clean, consistent, in the right format, and readily available when needed.

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Wide-ranging tools and architectures include:

Power BI has democratised data analytics, integrating insights into the suite of Microsoft 365 applications that employees use every day.

The ability to quickly create new content – text, code, images – from existing data, is transforming many areas of business, from marketing to product development. Governance, security, control and ethical concerns are important to consider when working with generative AI solutions. 

A centralised repository for structured and organised data, the warehouse is built with schemas and indexing for faster reporting and analysis. 

A lower cost storage repository for large volumes of unstructured as well as structured data –text, images, videos – data lakes are particularly good for exploratory analysis. 


A centralised repository, typically organised according to predefined categories, where the information is stored in database tables or other relational structures.

Instead of moving your data into a data lake or warehouse, the fabric approach enables a consistent view of data across distributed environments.


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