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Ergo’s MPS always adds value and puts clients on a path to continuous improvement and sustainable future

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Secure and
Sustainable Printing

Printers remain a vital part of every organization. That’s why unpredictable printing cost, wasted resources, printing supplies shortage or equipment downtime can affect critical business processes. This can be an even bigger pain point for enterprises with printers spanned across multiple locations. Another area that is often overlooked is printer security. Like PCs, laptops and servers, the printer is an endpoint device, which means it’s a potential target for cyber criminals.

Ergo offers a fully Managed Print Services with the latest hardware and software providing superior performance and experience, weaved throughout with sustainability and the circular economy in mind. As a part of company’s IT Managed Services, Ergo’s MPS offers a ‘follow the sun’ approach and delivers cohesive and efficient 24/7 services, including print security. We pride ourselves with an always-on service with nationwide coverage and global reach.

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Sustainable Printing

Ergo does not only want to help improve your print infrastructures efficiency, we also want to help you ensure it’s all done as sustainable as possible. We offer sustainable managed print services and provide you with minimal environmental consequences while printing with the highest efficiency.

We help our customers on their way to be Forest Positive by reducing waste and paper consumption, recycling printer supplies and planting trees. We partner with HP to provide our customers with industry’s most sustainable portfolio of products. For driving sustainability and helping customers make an impact for the planet and community, Ergo was Named an HP Amplify Impact 3-Star Catalyst Partner.

Print Security

Lock down any vulnerabilities and ensure printers are properly configured to eliminate the risk of a breach. Our experts will compile an inventory of every device and harden each one to make sure it’s secure. We will analyze your document services, looking for weak links in the workflow that might expose confidential data.

By patching printer endpoints, shutting down unneeded ports, and managing passwords and protocols, we make print security a proactive procedure. We monitor and maintain devices, identify and eradicate threats before they lead to a breach

24/7 cover with an end-to-end service that encompasses every aspect of print security, from policy-setting and user education to document encryption and the secure deletion of end-of-life hardware. We leverage the very latest technologies to give highly regulated businesses the levels of data protection and security assurance they need.

Choose Ergo, if you are looking to:

  • Decrease the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increase and optimize the efficiency of device use
  • Introduce a secure confidential print environment for all users
  • Reduce overall print volumes
  • Eliminate wastage resulting in a positive environmental impact.
  • Enable central reporting for usage and billing purposes

We are extremely happy to work with Ergo to deliver our printing solutions. From an efficiency and effectiveness perspective, Ergo are a key partner for Cook Medical

Gar Murphy

European IT Director at Cook Medical

Ergo has made us more proactive, and we’re reducing downtime because we’re catching issues before they become a problem.

Neville John

ICT Manager at Uniphar

We’re in the business of outsourcing, so have a real appreciation of how Ergo’s Managed Print Service delivers, both in terms of value and performance. It’s been an excellent experience.

Piotr Szymczak

Head of ICT Support, Bidvest Noonan