Through Ergo’s subsidiary, Micromail, are one of the largest Licensing Solutions Providers in Ireland, offering a range of services that optimize software investments.

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As organizations evolve, so do their software requirements. This evolution can be challenging, especially with software vendors constantly releasing new product versions and upgrades. Micromail simplifies this process by offering a full suite of licensing services, from procurement and renewal to consultancy and Software Asset Management. As a leader in commercial volume licensing in Ireland, Micromail assists clients in fine-tuning their license needs and avoiding vendor audits that result in fines.


Micromail offers cost-effective, compliant, and easily managed license solutions that can be deployed independently or as part of an IT service. Micromail’s pricing is highly competitive as it customizes volume purchases to meet each client’s needs and secure the best deals on new product iterations and upgrades. Micromail ensures that your software requirements evolve with your business.

Micromail eliminates complexity by providing exceptional levels of service throughout the software lifecycle. This includes consultation and fulfillment around long-term licensing strategies, as well as accurate and timely responses to short-term requests for quotes and queries. Micromail establishes an audit trail of license documentation to help avoid fines for unlicensed usage.

Micromail’s team of software licensing specialists brings knowledge and expertise to every part of the process, from quotation and activation to ongoing compliance management and renewal. By effectively managing the terms of your licensing agreements, you can avoid common pitfalls, such as over-installing products or altering server configurations that may affect usage.

  • Licensing Consultancy – Micromail identifies and maintains optimal license investment levels by accurately assessing your requirements and providing ongoing support.
  • Software Procurement – Micromail ensures that license purchases are correctly specified and carefully aligned with current business needs and future plans.
  • Software Asset Management – Micromail uses an industry-recognized program to ensure software is purchased, deployed, managed, and retired in line with best practice standards.

The Staff in Micromail we find are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of Microsoft licensing and are our go to for any queries no matter how complex. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any organization.

Linda Guthrie

Technical Manager at LGMA


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