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Ergo and BoatyardX deliver on the technical and business challenges of application modernization

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There is a fine line between old applications you trust and legacy software that undermines your business. Fall on the wrong side and you risk security vulnerabilities that attract cyberattacks, a lacklustre performance that impacts employee experience, and silos of disconnected data that hamper business intelligence, vital for business transformation. Modern applications are cloud-based, open for integration, and much easier to scale. 90% of new applications are predicted to be cloud native by 2025.

The depth and breadth of our team of IT consultants and engineers covers every angle when it comes to application modernization. Ergo also provides application modernization expertize through our subsidiary BoatyardX. BoatyardX helps companies reimagine and modernize existing digital platforms, products, and experiences to move business forward. Cloud has the ability to utterly transform your organization. Move applications, shift workloads, or simply unlock value by building real, tangible products that make a true business difference.

Ergo can refactor applications using third-party cloud management platforms, or leverage Kubernetes in the cloud to provide the foundation for microservices.

We can re-platform software to take advantage of modern programming languages, patterns, and technologies.

Our DevOps team can adapt native cloud practices and custom build to each client’s unique business needs. It’s all part of our mission is to make every piece of legacy play its part in digital transformation.


Excellence fueled by innovation

Ergo prioritizes innovation, quality, and continual improvement, and continuously invests in these areas. We are proud of our recognized commitment to excellence.

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