Increasingly sophisticated cyber threats call for an equally sophisticated response.

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The rising threat of cyberattacks is being countered by cloud providers spending billions on protecting their platforms, but there’s a big gap in the middle for businesses that Ergo helps fill.

A holistic response is needed to address wide-ranging cyber threats targeting a surface attack area that has grown with the cloud. Identifying and protecting your most vulnerable assets requires a unified defence strategy that Ergo will advise on, where the security measures of cloud providers are integrated with third-party solutions.

The range of security investments will depend on your cloud maturity. A business that only uses Microsoft 365, for example, will have basic needs, focussed mostly on authentication, authorisation, data encryption and endpoint management. A Microsoft Azure customer will have more advanced requirements, and a role for Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) solution.

Cloud security checklist

Shared responsibility arrangements with cloud providers should cover four key pillars:

Multifactor authentication and other identity management solutions control who is authorised to access sensitive data and systems. Data is encrypted while it’s transmitted between users and cloud services, but Ergo ensures role-based access rules and policies are in place to control who those users are and what they’re permitted to do.   

Continuous monitoring will detect security incidents in real time and trigger an incident response to minimize the threat impact and resolve the issue that caused it. Network security is also pivotal for cloud services, with Ergo deploying firewalls and intrusion detection systems to provide oversight into traffic going in and out of the business.

Mobile device management plays an important part in securing cloud services like Microsoft 365, a great enabler of hybrid working. Ergo has a range of tools to deploy and manage devices. Security is a key component, whether its keeping antivirus software up to date or controlling the data users are allowed to download.

Securing data across your entire estate – cloud and on-premise – is a priority and requires strong governance to ensure alignment with increasing regulatory requirements. Working closely with cloud providers, Ergo protects and classifies data, making sure it’s secure and compliant at every stage of its lifecycle.

Go deeper with Ergo security consultants

Ergo will advise you on how to devise and manage fit-for-purpose security that is multi-layered and agile enough to protect hybrid infrastructure – cloud and on-premise – against an evolving threat landscape.

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