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Many organizations face the challenge of ensuring robust cybersecurity, whether it’s the need for monitoring and detection support alongside your service desk or a fully managed security service to respond effectively to active exploits. The lack of a comprehensive security solution can leave companies vulnerable to cyber threats, leading to potential data breaches and security gaps.

Ergo’s team of cyber security experts steps in to protect your data. Our Managed Detection & Response services offers tailored levels of cover to safeguard your business. With 24/7 intelligent security scanning and analysis, Ergo ensures a vigilant spotlight on your IT services, providing you with the peace of mind that your cybersecurity is in expert hands.

Our Approach

Ergo’s cyber experts, leverage AI-Powered Threat Intelligence to ensure 24/7 monitoring for early detection of suspicious activities across cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Scheduled vulnerability assessments automatically scan for weaknesses in hardware, software, configurations, and user practices to proactively prevent potential security incidents.

When a threat is detected, we will take immediate action to determine the attack vector and potential impact. A threat has the potential to compromise confidentiality and integrity.

Whether you need monitoring and detection support to work with your service desk or a fully managed security service to respond to active exploits and a deeper insight into your companies security posture, our team of cyber security experts is there to help you.

Swift response to active threats or compromises is key, emphasizing threat containment and prevention. Our team takes pre-approved first response actions tailored to the incident type. Post-containment, we promptly engage with agreed stakeholders, facilitating the initiation of your Incident Response Plan. Subsequently, we provide recommendations for risk mitigation and enhance your company’s overall security posture.

We will provide comprehensive reporting to allow for controls. This will include our observations and recommendations, an overview of assets, alerts and incidents and details of detected vulnerabilities.

Our success is the result of consistently and consciously delivering solutions that address market challenges and customer needs. Our highly skilled security team offer both Managed Security Services and Security Consulting Services tailored to business needs.

Ian O’Connell

SOC Manager, Ergo

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