Our Ergo Connect service takes IT support to the leading edge and optimizes every environment.

IT Support

Our Ergo Connect service takes IT support to the leading edge and optimizes every environment.
Core to Ergo delivering exceptional managed services is Ergo Connect, a unified tech support platform that will elevate your experience of what a service desk can deliver, now and into the future.

Ergo Connect is our implementation of the ServiceNow platform, a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management for nearly a decade. It provides proactive support, AI-driven self-service, and delivers faster issue resolution and ongoing performance improvement. 

As a cloud-based platform, it allows our team to securely provide each customer a personalized experience in a secure space, where a catalogue of services is aligned to your IT operation’s needs. Based on ITIL best practice, backed by our ISO20000-1 certification, and drawing on our own knowledge pool developed over decades, Ergo Connect provides self-service automation augmented by experienced engineers and customer service professionals and a high quality and streamlined knowledge repository 

Customer support feedback raises money for Make-A-Wish children’s charity

Ergo has partnered with Make-A-Wish Ireland to turn your customer feedback into a force for good. Clients are encouraged to complete our support surveys, because we contribute €2 for each one to the charity, which makes wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

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Six reasons why Ergo Connect is a game-changer for costumer service

An ability to troubleshoot technical issues has never been so finely tuned:

A combination of AI-powered intelligence and automated processes enables our team to identify issues quickly, communicate updates immediately and resolve problems faster. Ergo Connect can fix some problems automatically, with smart suggestions powered by natural language processing, or trigger an escalation by routing and assigning work requests to the right team, right skills in the right time zone. 

A unified platform, Ergo Connect centralizes a wide range of support services and runs a single data model, turning real-time insights into real-time action. Performance analytics reporting enable us to provide clients with evidence of service improvements and insights to inform future strategies. Standardization and automation of some processes, for example, will help customers who want to target cost reductions in IT support 

Ergo runs a 24/7/365 support operation across all time zones, routing issues to the right engineer in the right place at the right time. Not only does it fast-track issue resolution in different geographies, our ‘follow the sun’ footprint provides a consistency of service across the client’s entire IT estate, making it easier for them to scale and enter new markets, knowing that Ergo Connect is supporting them.  

Processes can be automated to accelerate the way tickets are routed and we draw on increasing amounts of data to make the service proactive, rather than reactive. We have a suite of standard service level agreements and fulfilment targets for our managed services, but we are always flexible to client needs, such as escalating to an engineer with appropriate skills within a set timeframe 

Our self-service customer portal enables clients to resolve some issues without raising a ticket. We publish a range of knowledge-based resources, from generic information that applies to the entire client base to targeted content, all of which can answer customer queries with the help of AI-powered search. Virtual agents can also be used to provide a chat-based interface with our intelligent platform. We can integrate this into your Teams or Slack deployment, to provide customer service directly to your desktop.

Streamlining operations and improving collaboration, Ergo Connect captures high quality input from customers, filters out unclear messaging and can automatically prompt enquirers for critical information that will help fix their problem more quickly. The knowledge we’ve accumulated is filtered and presented directly to the assigned engineer, leading to faster incident resolution. 

Using the platform’s Service Bridge feature, we can integrate with a client’s own ServiceNow instance or help you stand up your tenancy from scratch and integrate it with Ergo Connect. Astandard, platformlevel integration feature, ServiceBridge allows two instances to talk to each other for an even more personalised approach to managed services, and gives you all the benefits of our platform development, without the cost or complexity of a traditional ebonding experience 

We provide you with multiple communication channels – chat, virtual agents, email, phone, social media – because we know people have their preferences and that those preferences may change over the course of a day. Exchanges can be channelled through a dedicated customer portal, making the support even more personalized and efficient, delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

ErgoConnect uses ServiceNow’s integration hub to enable seamless workflows with over 500 backend downstream systems, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Google and Jira. For Ergo as an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, it’s a way to expand the depth of our offerings and incorporate  Microsoft AI tools and powerful security products such as Microsoft’s SIEM offering, Sentinel into our support propositions.  


Not just a help desk, Ergo Connect uses the same automated workflows to provide engineering expertise around a catalogue of services for one-off projects. Clients can make payments that entitle them to draw down a number of hours that can be consumed on demand. The scope of projects covered can be light touch, high volume, or more customerfocused where a higher level of engineering is required 

Talk to Ergo about buying ServiceNow

Ergo Connect clients can have their own ServiceNow tenancy on our platform, a virtualized version of the full product that seamlessly connects our support services with your internal operations. If you want to unlock more features and functionality, and buy the full enterprise version of ServiceNow, we can help with that too.