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Wi-Fi is now the first choice for connectivity in office and campus spaces, because it has got to the point – if expertly implemented – where it can deliver wire-free networking without compromising performance or security.  For a new generation of workforce who have grown up in the digital age, the ability to roam between access points with multiple devices – laptops, smartphones, tablet – is an expectation not a bonus.

Our network engineering team has the skills to match LAN requirements to business needs, now and into the future. Achieving the right ratio of access points to switches and guaranteeing capacity is the starting point, but no two environments are the same. A retailer might want Wi-Fi to support IoT devices on their shelves; a manufacturer might still need to connect some equipment by cable on the factory floor.

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When it’s time to update your network

New sites benefit from better connectivity because of advancements in technology, including Wi-Fi standards

Congestion occurs when bandwidth and access points fail to keep up with the growth of employees and their devices

Older LANs may be more vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated security threats and lack the right levels of access control

Our Methodology

We have certifications with leading vendors and are comfortable transitioning any LAN environment. It typically happens in five steps:



We look at the existing capacity requirements, the bandwidth needs of different users and the number of access points to optimize performance.



A new LAN is designed to meet the quality and speed requirements of the existing workplace, but also to be scalable and future-proof for further growth.



The old and new LAN may briefly run in tandem before switching from one to the other, typically over a weekend to avoid any disruption to the business.



Unexpected anomalies in Wi-Fi performance, caused by everything from building surfaces blocking signals to power constraints, are resolved post implementation.


Managed Service

Our support centre remotely monitors availability, capacity and performance to ensure networks are always optimized and continuously improved.

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