Successful cloud journeys depend on aligning
business and technology from the start.

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Align IT and Business Needs

Solid business goals aligned to appropriate technology are the starting point for Ergo cloud deployments, not plans based primarily on cost cutting or the idea that rehosting legacy IT – a simple ‘lift and shift’ – will magically deliver cloud benefits.

We advise on how to get from where you are to where your business needs to be, a journey of digital transformation. Motivation to go to the cloud has to be clear, whether it’s to unlock digital advantage or avoid disruption from more agile competitors.

Your cloud strategy must be broad in scope, because different cloud services span almost every area of a business. Internal skills requirements change, financial models are different – it’s a move from capital to operational expenditure – and crucially, there is a unique opportunity to rationalize and reimagine your applications, processes and services in a more agile environment.

Ergo’s strategic cloud checklist

Essential building block for any cloud journey:

Business strategy and the operating model will need to be fully aligned to take advantage of cloud agility and opportunities for cross-business integration.

It’s not just about assessing a critical business app’s suitability for the cloud, it’s having a conceptual architecture with landing zones to facilitate a successful migration. 

IT roles will change and the business needs to prepare for skill gaps, whether it’s expertize in DevOps for software development or data science for advanced analytics.

To fill skill gaps and prepare the wider workforce for new ways of working, Ergo’s Adoption and Change management team can deliver the training that will be required.

A combination of cloud service provider solutions and your own security investments will be needed to safeguard your assets and ensure business continuity.

Migrating to cloud will also impact your organisation financially, moving from less predicable Opex to Capex, where a FinOps strategy is key to success.


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